Who & Why

Who should take a PetSaver or Pet CPR & First Aid class?
•Pet Owners
•Pet Care Professionals
•Fosters and ANYONE else who may come in contact with a sick or injured pet!

Not sure if you need to take a class?
•Would you know what immediate action to take if a dog or cat was choking?
•What if they passed out?
•What if they cut themselves and were bleeding or hit by a car?
•What if they ate something poisonous?

Most accidents and injuries can be prevented but things happen. Are you prepared in the event of an emergency? If you answered NO, then you need to take a class.

According to the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) one-out-of-four more pets could be saved if just one basic pet first aid skill or technique was applied prior to receiving veterinary care.

Aside from emergencies, the quality and length of our pets lives can be improved by simply educating ourselves.

Have you ever experienced the death of a pet due to illness or age and wished with all your heart you had more time with them? If you answered YES, you need to take a class. 

Do you know how to properly assess your pet for signs of illness or injury? If so, do you do it on a regular basis and keep record? If you answered NO, then you need to take a class.

Simply put, if you have not taken a class offered by a Pet Tech certified instructor in the last two years, you need to take a class.