Pet CPR & First Aid

About this class: This is a 4-5 hour class taught by a certified PetTech instructor using lecture, demonstration and hands-on skill practice. It includes a handbook and upon successful completion, each participant will receive a certificate.

You will learn….
• Pet CPR
• Rescue Breathing
• Choking Management
• Bleeding Protocols
• ABC’s of Pet First Aid including Safety for both yourself and the pet
• How to help a pet in a medical emergency
• Snout-To-Tail Assessment
• Assessing Your Pet’s Vitals
• How to put together your own pet first aid kit

Regular Cost: $74.00
Discounts available for Fosters & Volunteers – E-Mail or Call (813) 695-4055 for discount code
Fundraising opportunity for 501(c)(3) Rescues & other Pet Organizations other Pet Organizations

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