“This training is a must have for anyone that owns a pet or just cares about those animals around them and wants to be prepared. I learned so much from this class. Pam does a great job in explaining and giving hands on demonstrations. My most valuable tool was learning to do the Snout2Tail assessment. I perform this on a regular basis with all my dogs and quite possibly prevented a horrible health problem with my resident dog Batman when I noticed his canine tooth becoming discolored. Had I not been doing this, it could have become fatal. Thanks Precious Life Paws!” ~Kris P.

“I took the CPR and first aid class and I loved it! Not only did I learn a lot of really good information, the atmosphere is so comfortable and everyone was laughing and having a good time. I highly recommend taking courses through Pam, she is really knowledgeable on all the material!” ~ Cierra L.

“Pam with Precious Life Paws gives a great class and you can learn techniques that could save your beloved pet’s (or someone else’s) life one day. Learn about all those things we always say will never happen to us…because reality is…sometimes they do and you want to know how to handle it when it does!”~ Victoria P.